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The Texas Medical Board is a regulatory agency. We serve and protect the public's welfare by ensuring our licensed healthcare professionals are competent and provide quality patient health care, and by educating consumers regarding their rights in seeking quality health care. Agency objectives are to timely investigate complaints and licensure applications, to raise public awareness, and to inform our regulated professionals and students of their responsibility to the public. Accurate information is to be communicated in a timely manner about our agency, its functions and its actions.

Three boards, containing both public and professional members, guide our agency. The Texas Medical Board directs licensing and enforcement of physicians. The Texas Physician Assistant Board has responsibility over qualifications for licensure and discipline of physician assistants. Both the Texas Medical Board and the Texas Physician Assistant Board share responsibilities over prescriptive authority. The Board of Acupuncture Examiners assures that professional requirements for acupuncture licensees are met.

Our Services

The Enforcement Division receives and evaluates complaints on physicians, physician assistants, and acupuncturists. Complaints may be made in writing or by Email. Forms are available through our toll-free Disciplinary Action Hotline. Complaints are first evaluated to determine if jurisdiction exists. If so, an investigation is initiated. Written acknowledgement of complaint receipt and evaluation is provided within 30 days. If an investigation is initiated, all parties are apprised of the status every 90 days, unless notification would jeopardize the investigation.

Complaint investigations are completed on average within six months. Our goal is to complete all investigations within one year. Investigations may be closed for lack of sufficient legal evidence of a violation of state regulation. If possible violations are identified through investigation, the complaint will proceed to an Informal Settlement Conference. A licensee is provided the opportunity to show compliance with law, or the Board may recommend an agreed resolution to the legal violations. If agreement is not reached, the complaint proceeds to the State Office of Administrative Hearings as a contested case. The Administrative Law Judge returns a Proposal for Decision and the Board makes a final decision.

Licensees placed under disciplinary, or private rehabilitative, restrictions are monitored and visited by Compliance Officers for compliance with the provisions of the restrictions.

The Licensure Division licenses physicians, physician assistants and acupuncturists, registers physicians in training and non-certified radiologic technicians and certifies non-profit health organizations. Eligibility requirements include passage of national exams, graduation from appropriate educational institutions, postgraduate training if required, and good professional character.

Applicant information is investigated to ensure all requirements are met. Average time to conduct investigations on physician applicants is 179 days. All applicants are informed as to the status of their application initially and upon completion of the investigation. Physicians must pass an additional examination - the medical jurisprudence examination - before becoming eligible for a temporary license, issued upon request. Temporary licenses are also available for physician assistant and acupuncturist applicants, once the licensure investigation is complete. Permanent licenses are issued at scheduled meetings of the respective board.

Pre-Licensure, Registration and Consumer Services (PRC) provides information on our regulated professionals in writing, by telephone, via the Internet and other electronic means. Information available includes a summary of any disciplinary action taken, the status of the license, the licensee's education and practice specialties. Information on the agency, its functions and services is also available through the PRC.

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The Texas Medical Board is committed to quality customer service. In pursuit of that commitment, we will:

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Complaint Handling Process

Our agency is committed to listen to your requests, understand your concerns, to serve you well and be receptive to suggestions. If you have a compliment or complaint about our services, please contact our agency Customer Relations Representative at:

Jarrett Schneider, Communications Officer
Texas Medical Board
P.O. Box 2018
Austin, TX 78768-2018
Phone: 512-305-7018
Fax: 512-305-7051


Every effort will be made by agency staff members to resolve concerns when customers contact the agency. If concerns cannot be resolved by telephone, agency staff shall direct customers to submit written complaints by mail, fax or e-mail to the above address. Written complaints will be investigated and responded to within three weeks.

Pre-Licensure, Registration and Consumer Services: 512-305-7030

Disciplinary Action Hotline: 800-248-4062

How to File a Complaint Against a Licensee: 800-201-9353

Mailing Address:

Pre-Licensure, Registration and Consumer Services
P.O. Box 2029
Austin, TX 78768-2029