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Location Address:
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333 Guadalupe
Tower 3, Suite 610
Austin, TX 78701

Mailing Address:
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P.O. Box 2018
Austin, TX 78768-2018

Physician Licensure Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 2029
Austin, TX 78768-2029

Main Phone: (512) 305-7010

Customer Service Phone: (512) 305-7030 (Outside Texas)
Customer Service Phone: (800) 248-4062 (Texas only)
Customer Service E-mail:

Open Records Requests E-mail: or
Open Records Requests Fax: (512) 305-7051
Web master:


This department of the Licensure Division supports the Board of Acupuncture Examiners and administers the licensing program for acupuncturists
Phone: (512) 305-7030
Fax: (512) 305-7009
The Administrative Services and Finance Division keeps the agency running smoothly. The Finance Department handles all the agency's accounting and fiscal operations. Support services provides mail, purchasing, receptionist and other administrative support for the agency.
Phone: (512) 305-7050
Fax: (512) 305-7008
The Communications Officer responds to media inquiries; prepares news releases and the Board's newsletter, TMB Bulletin; and manages TMB's web site content.
Phone: (512) 305-7018
Fax: (512) 305-7051
The Compliance Department staff, including field compliance officers, works to assure that those licensees under disciplinary orders from the Board comply with the orders.
Phone: (512) 305-7098
Fax: (512) 305-7068
Consumer Complaint Hotline Phone: 1-800-201-9353
(Toll-free in Texas only)
Fax: (512) 463-9416
Data Sales Phone: (512) 305-7030
Fax: (512) 305-7008
Disciplinary Action Hotline Phone: 1-800-248-4062
(Toll-free in Texas only)
Executive Phone: (512) 305-7030
Fax: (512) 305-7051
Human Resources Phone: (512) 305-7146
Fax: (512) 305-7124
The Investigations Department investigates complaints against licensees (physicians, physician assistants and acupuncturists). It includes field investigators who work throughout the state. This department also processes data entry of professional liability claims and suits against physicians, physician assistants and acupuncturists.
Phone: (512) 305-7100
Fax: (512) 305-7123
Licensure Verifications Voice: (512) 305-7030
Fax: (512) 463-9416
Attorneys in the Litigation Department prepare disciplinary action cases and represent the Board in informal settlement conferences/show compliance hearings or before administrative law judges. Board litigation staff only address legal concerns related to pending cases.
Phone: (512) 305-7070
Fax: (512) 305-7007
Non-Certified Radiologic Technicians Phone:(512) 305-7030
Fax: (512) 463-9416
Non-Profit Health Organizations Phone: (512) 305-7030
Fax: (512) 305-7009
Physician Assistants
This department of the Licensure Division supports the Texas Physician Assistant Board and administers the licensing program for physician assistants.
Phone: (512) 305-7030
Fax: (512) 305-7009
Physicians in Training
This department of the Licensure Division issues various training permits such as physicians in training, visiting professor, faculty temporary licensing, national health corporation, and consulting physician approval letters.
Phone: (512) 305-7130
Fax: (512) 305-7009
Physician Licensure
This department of the Licensure Division processes applications of physicians applying for licensure, assuring they meet the stringent qualifications for licensure in Texas and admission to the Texas Medical Jurisprudence Examination.
Phone: (512) 305-7130
Fax: (512) 305-7009
Pre-Licensure, Registration and Consumer Services (PRC)
The PRC responds to requests for verifications of licenses. PRC Representatives are also trained to answer general questions regarding licensure, registration and continuing education.
Phone: (512) 305-7030
Fax: (512) 463-9416
For Numbers Not Listed Above Phone: (512) 305-7030
Fax: (512) 463-9416

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