Licensee Verification

Upon written request TMB will provide a state board verification to another state board regarding licensees. The verification includes: licensee's name, license or permit number, issue date, expiration date, disciplinary status, and our board seal will be affixed.

There is no fee for state board verifications.  Please allow 10 working days to process your verification. The verification will be mailed directly to the state board of your request.

Mail your verification request to:

Texas Medical Board
P.O. Box 2018 -MC 240
Austin, TX 78768-2018

Note for Physicians only
If another state board requires your examination grades, please be advised that most physicians will have to contact the Federation of State Medical Boards to obtain examination scores.

Federation of State Medical Boards
400 Fuller Wiser Rd.
Suite 300
Euless, TX 76039-3855
Tel. (817) 868-4000

A small percentage of physicians can obtain verification of examination scores from TMB.

please call the Pre-Licensure, Registration and Consumer Services at (512) 305-7030 to confirm the location of your scores. There is no fee for this verification.