Prescriptive Delegation Waiver Requests

Chapter 193.6 (i) of the Board Rules contains information regarding requests for Prescriptive Delegation Waivers.

Which delegation requirements can be waived by the Board?

The board may waive or modify any of the site or supervision requirements for a physician to delegate the carrying out or signing of prescription drug orders to an advanced practice nurse or physician assistant at facilities serving medically underserved populations, at physician primary and alternate practice sites, and at facility-based practice sites.

If the board determines that the types of health care services provided by a physician assistant or advanced practice nurse at a primary practice site or an alternate practice site are limited in nature and duration and are within the scope of delegated authority, and that patient health care will not be adversely affect, the board may modify or waive:

A granted modification or waiver may not validate or authorize a contract provision that prohibits a physician from seeing, diagnosing, or treating any patient.


What factors does the Board take into account?

The board’s rules state that the board may grant a waiver only if the board determines good cause exists to grant a waiver. When considering a modification/waiver request, the board takes into account many factors, including:


Violation of Board rule 193.6 by the delegating physician may result in a refusal to approve supervision or the cancellation of the physician's authority to delegate to a physician assistant or an advanced practice nurse under this section. Violation of this section may also subject the physician to disciplinary action.

If an advanced practice nurse violates this section or the Act, §§157.051 - 157.060, the board shall promptly notify the Texas Board of Nursing of the alleged violation.

If a physician assistant violates this section or the Act, §§157.051 - 157.060, the board shall promptly notify the Texas Physician Assistant Board.

Instructions, Application and Information

Prior to review by the Board, Prescriptive Delegation Waiver Requests will be placed on our website for a minimum of 14 days for public comment. Current requests, if any, are listed below. Public commentary may be sent to:

Email - For most efficient routing, please make the subject of your email “Public Comments for PDW Request” and include the last name of the physician requesting a waiver.

Fax -

(512) 305-7009 ATTN: “Public Comments for PDW Request.” Include the last name of the physician requesting a waiver

Mail -

Texas Medical Board
Attn: Public Comments for PDW - Insert last name of physician requesting waiver
PO Box 2029
Austin TX 78768-2029

Prescriptive Delegation Waiver Requests
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