Physician Assistants

PA Notice of Intent to Practice/Physician Notice of Intent to Supervise, Termination of Supervisory Relationship
(includes delegated prescriptive authority to PAs)


New:  Online Supervision and Prescriptive

Delegation Registration System!


Use the new online system to file the notice of intent to practice/supervise forms required of PAs and physicians AND to register prescriptive authority.  Hard copy supervision and delegation forms will no longer be accepted as of 8/1/2010 (except as required below). 


Supervision must be registered with the Board before a physician assistant may begin work.


Online Supervision and Prescriptive Delegation Registration System


Review the eligibility requirements for system usage then click on the link above to use the system. 


Eligibility requirements for physicians and physician assistants:

o    your license is under a current board order, or if you have notified the TMB that you are not actively practicing medicine,

o    you are a physician licensed under Voluntary Charity Care Status,

o    you hold a Telemedicine, Public Health or Conceded Eminence license, or

o    you hold a temporary physician, temporary PA, or Faculty Temporary License. 

Please contact the PRC at (512)305-7030 for a hard copy supervision/delegation form.


For more information, please contact Pre-Licensure, Registration and Consumer Services (PRC) at 512-305-7030.


Changes in Supervising Physician Relationships, Including Termination of Relationships


Use the new online system.  Physician assistants must notify the board of changes related to supervising physicians no later than 30 days after the change is made. This includes terminations of relationships. Submission of a new, online application for a physician assistant/supervising physician relationship does not terminate other supervision that is currently in place. If the end date of the supervision is known at the time of application and provided on the online registration form, supervision will be automatically terminated on that date with no further correspondence.

Laws and Rules Governing Practice as a Physician Assistant, Supervising Physicians

Review information about statute and board rules to ensure that you are compliant with board rules. Laws and rules may be accessed at Chapter 185 of the rules is dedicated to physician assistants and Chapter 193 is dedicated to standing delegation orders. Sections of specific interest are:


Board Rule, Sec. 185.13 - Notification of Intent to Practice and Supervise

Board Rule, Sec. 185.14 - Physician Supervision

Board Rule, Sec. 185.15 - Supervising Physician

Board Rule, Sec. 185.16 - Employment Guidelines

Board Rule, Sec. 193.6 - Delegation of the Carrying Out or Signing of Prescription Drug Orders to Physician Assistants and Advanced Practice Nurses

Board Rule, Sec. 193.7 - Delegated Drug Therapy Management


Alternate Supervising Physicians

If a supervising physician will be unavailable to supervise the physician assistant, arrangements shall be made for an alternate supervising physician. An alternate supervising physician is a physician providing appropriate supervision on a temporary basis that does not exceed fourteen consecutive days, and is not required to register with the Board. The alternate supervising physician must document, through a log where the physician assistant is located, that he or she is familiar with the protocols or standing delegation orders in use and is accountable for adequately supervising care provided pursuant to those protocols or standing delegation orders. The log shall contain dates of the alternate physician supervision and be signed by the alternate physician acknowledging this responsibility. The physician assistant is responsible for verifying that the alternate physician is a licensed Texas physician holding an unrestricted and active license.

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